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Author:  hermy [ Tue Aug 14, 2007 10:43 am ]
Post subject:  Advice for Drivers


If you drive and are planning to have a drink it is strongly recommended that you leave the car at home. Alcohol can affect different people in different ways; it can affect your co- ordination, reaction times and judgment.


If you have a long journey ahead or are driving in the dark choose upbeat music - slower music can make you drowsy or tired
When you are driving try not to have your music up too loud - you need your full concentration when driving
Take extra care when approaching junctions and slip roads, especially on the A77 as several local roads with slower traffic merge with the A77.


Always make sure young passengers are wearing seatbelts
Ensure that young children have plenty to entertain to prevent them from distracting the driver
If your kids get carsick try and get them to focus on the horizon as opposed to what is directly outside the window as this often causes sickness, try and make sure the Car is cool with fresh air circulating.

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